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BottargaThe bottarga is also called the caviar of the Mediterranean. The tuna Borttarga is prepared according to the method of Mullet Bottarga – except that in this case the roe of tuna is used. The bottarga is divided into different quality levels. The first Choice has a length of about 90cm and has a uniform color. The second Choice is smaller and has an irregular coloration. The third Choice is the smallest and tastes very salty.

The here offered bottarga is 1st Choice and is made from fish caught in the Mediterranean – the bluefin tuna has a light red to pink color.

Being able to recognize the quality of the tuna bottarga is not very easy. We will tell you at this point the different quality levels with different prices and how these are best used for certain dishes that you would like to prepare.

In this case it is the bluefin tuna bottarga from the Mediterranean, which is one of the highest quality fish. Two pieces of advice: never grate this bottarga, but cut with a knife into small pins or discs. Served only with a little olive oil, you get a perfect appetizer. It’s excellent with garlic, oil and chili to spaghetti. Test restaurants in Europe buy this bluefin tuna bottarga.


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